Making the Most Out Of Your Family Trip

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Family Bonding: Making the Most Out of Your Trip

A trip together is a great way to unite as a family, and it can have numerous benefits for everyone. Here are some ideas to use before planning your next family vacation.

The Benefits of Family Bonding

  • Encourages children to learn lifelong interpersonal skills.
  • Creates family rituals that will serve as the basis for more bonding in the future.
  • Provides a supportive environment to help kids develop self-confidence.
  • Gives family members an opportunity to learn more about one another.
  • Enables parents to model good behavior for their children.
  • Teaches everyone the value of patience and understanding.

A recent study found that 45% of people believe spending quality time with family members is the best part about vacationing together.

Unplug Your Devices

Sharing photos on social media is great, but make sure you don’t spend the whole trip glued to your phones.

Make a Scrapbook

Collaborating on a physical keepsake from your vacation helps everyone feel closer even after the trip ends.

Sample Local Foods

Stepping outside of your family’s comfort zone and trying the area’s cuisine can be a memorable shared experience.

Let Kids Help Plan

Having every member of the family involved in planning a trip can be a good way to get it started on the right foot.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Activities such as fishing, hiking or guided tours get everyone away from distractions and create lasting memories.

Get Matching T-shirts

Making a commemorative T-shirt for your vacation gives your family an instant souvenir and helps foster camaraderie.

Do Something New

An experience that’s new to everyone is an excellent way to bond as a family.

Don’t Forget Down Time

Too many activities during your vacation can lead to everyone feeling weary, so make sure there’s enough time to recharge.

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Ten Reasons You Should Choose a Small Town for Your Next Vacation

We are sharing this infographic that embraces our belief that small town vacations can rival visiting a big city in terms of fun, entertainment, and most certainly relaxation. Scroll down for an accessible text version.

infographic-Reasons to Choose a Small Town for Your Next Vacation

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Getting Big Time Fun Out of Your Small Town Vacation

Small towns offer numerous opportunities for fun and relaxation for your next vacation. Here are some ideas to help you plan a trip off the beaten path.

  1. Local Festivals:  There’s a good chance that the community you’ll visit has some type of seasonal event. Do research and find out if your vacation lines up with a summer concert series or a winter carnival.
  2. Antique Shopping:  Many small towns feature a plethora of resale and consignment stores filled with unique and quirky items you’re not likely to see anywhere else. This makes your trip an opportunity to find the vintage coffee table are rare collectible you’ve been seeking.
  3. Picnic in the Park: One of the great joys of the quiet countryside is that there’s plenty of room for everyone to savor the space. You can take advantage of this by planning a picnic lunch for your family in a park or forest preserve.
  4. Walking Tours: There’s no better way to experience the history and color of a city than taking a walking tour. A lot of historical societies offer guided explorations that can give you a greater appreciation of the area’s heritage.
  5. Enjoy Live Music: You  Don’t have to be in a massive civic center to attend a concert. It’s easy to find venues in the area that feature live music, whether it’s a bar or gazebo in the town center.
  6. Sample the Cuisine: Smaller communities are more likely to have diners and restaurants that are locally owned, meaning you won’t find the same chain eateries in countless places. This gives you the chance to try something different and perhaps discover a new favorite.
  7. The Great Outdoors: If  you’re interested in hiking, kayaking or another outdoorsy activity, you’re sure to find plenty of opportunities off the beaten path.
  8. Discover Museums: Local museums and history societies feature in abundance of fascinating exhibits detailing the history and culture of the area this can be an enlightening way to spend an afternoon.
  9. Experience Horseback Riding: One common activity not often found in large cities is horseback riding through the countryside. Find a ranch in the area that offers it and you’ll have an experience your family won’t soon forget.
  10. Scavenger Hunts: Create a list of sights, sounds and souvenirs and have your family members race to locate as many as they can. Having everyone take photos of items on their phones as a fun modern twist on this idea.
  11. Do Your Research: Before traveling to an unfamiliar community, look up spots of interest on the internet. There are websites dedicated to cataloging unusual and little-known places all over the country.
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Welcome to Small Town Explorer


Welcome to SmallTownExplorer.com. This is our first post and we would like to introduce you to our site and what it is about.

Lets begin by saying I love smaller cities and towns. During our travels we have always enjoyed our stops in those little places along the way, even when our final destination is a large city. I often wonder what I’m missing out on by not visiting that town thats 20 miles off my route. Is it worth the trip?

What I’ve found lacking, is that while there are varying amounts of information to be found about the smaller cities and towns in the country, nothing is organized into a map based directory using a consistent format….

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