Welcome to Small Town Explorer

Welcome to Small Town Explorer


Welcome to SmallTownExplorer.com. This is our first post and we would like to introduce you to our site and what it is about.

Lets begin by saying I love smaller cities and towns. During our travels we have always enjoyed our stops in those little places along the way, even when our final destination is a large city. I often wonder what I’m missing out on by not visiting that town thats 20 miles off my route. Is it worth the trip?

What I’ve found lacking, is that while there are varying amounts of information to be found about the smaller cities and towns in the country, nothing is organized into a map based directory using a consistent format. Our goal is not to replace tourism sites or visitor information portals for small towns, but rather to provide a comprehensive directory of the 1000s of small cities and towns located throughout Canada and the United States inspiring people to visit them and explore. We also want to be a valuable resource that can point visitors to sites that can provide more information about each location along with phone numbers, emails and other helpful information and links.

This site will be limited to cities and towns with a maximum population of 100,000 residents. It’s difficult to consider any city larger than that a small town, but at the same time we don’t want to be too restrictive. Our hope is that tourism boards, visitor centers or any other interested individuals will show off their own town by sharing information and photographs, videos and more. Our front end editor and upload system makes it easy to add your town and there is absolutely no cost. We would appreciate it if you could link back to us. You may include links to popular local attractions and events providing you don’t get carried away or overly promotional. Remember this site is meant to be a helpful resource.

We are also open to accepting guest posts expanding on your small town or perhaps about a major festival or attraction that your town if known for. Pretty much open to anything that is relevant and that will be interesting to our readers.

We sincerely hope you will join us in creating one of the most comprehensive directories for small towns in North America and we hope visitors to our site will enjoy discovering and learning more about the many charming small towns and cities throughout Canada and the USA.

Thanks for Sharing!

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