About Us

New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto need not apply.

Nothing personal. We love big cities. They are fun to visit, full of life, culture and no end of exciting attractions. They also get more than their fair share of promotion and representation online, whether it be major travel sites, dedicated tourism websites, or blogs.

The truth is, there are many more charming small cities and towns than big cities. Many of them get passed by as people rush through on their way to the next big place.

Our goal is to change that by providing a focused venue for small towns to brag about what makes them great, both through our directory and blog. We’re not here to usurp local tourism sites for small towns that have them, but rather to augment them with a central resource filled with helpful information and photos about charming small towns throughout the continent.

Our long term goal is to build this directory into the single most comprehensive guide to small towns and cities throughout Canada and the United States.

We hope that you enjoy it and that you’ll contribute if able.


profile-picMartin Oldridge – One Search Publishing

I first began publishing websites in 2009.  I am passionate about creating helpful websites that fill a unique niche, especially in the travel sector.  In addition to developing and managing our own portfolio of sites, I provide consulting services to other online businesses. I especially enjoy anything related to the travel vertical,  photography and aviation.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any suggestions, ideas or questions.

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